If you had asked me if I could ever earn money through writing, I’d have replied no. I don’t have any special talent or talent, nor do I have an experienced writer to guide me.

In the past thirty days I’ve earned more than $11,000 writing.

After doing an accounting of the expenses I incurred for that month that I realized “Holy shit, there’s $11,000 of income just from writing!”

Here’s the thing If I’m able to make money writing, you certainly can, too. The reason I wrote this article is because the most frequently asked questions I get asked are:

  1. How can I begin?
  2. What is the best way to type words? generate money?

Without any gimmicks, BS or broken promises, fantasies of Ferraris as well as selfies of Richard Branson, I’m going give you the answers to the two questions above after having done it for over one year.

Ready? Let’s go.

From 2014-2017

A single penny was earned from blogging in these time.

Let’s face it, the beginning isn’t a fast burn. The good thing is that I was not just an unqualified writer in the first place. I was a shit writer and a significant amount of my time was spent. You certainly can do better than I did by avoiding some of the traps.

The dangers:

  • Do not start a blog because it is a waste of your time and nobody will be able to find it.
  • Start writing everywhere at the beginning (Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Don’t ask for assistance by other authors until you have an extensive library of work (no one can help you when you have published three articles)
  • Make pitches to major publications after you’ve found your niche and not within the first week after you have started.
  • It shouldn’t take long to approach major publications, however
  • Don’t spend a dime on logos, pay to promote articles or portraits

If you avoid these mistakes You can gain momentum faster that I was.

Getting Started

I’m trying to make this so simple that you won’t make it wrong.

Choose two subjects

The two topics I picked were personal development and entrepreneurship. I wrote about these two subjects only.

Be sure to select topics that you are familiar with or at the very least are interested enough to study without becoming bored.

Write a weekly schedule

I picked Saturday for the beginning because it was the only day that I didn’t have to work. Choose a day on which you are certain you’ll be able to work on and mark it on your calendar as a regular occasion.

Extra tip:For additional responsibility , tell a mate the things you’ve committed to and then agree to be responsible for $100 if they fail to write on a Saturday. (This idea was born out of the fact that I was an individual trainer who often was not able to go to the gym, however his fear of getting angry, and the loss of $35 because of cancellation was enough to bring my skinny ass to go to the gym and lift the weights.)

Don’t think about money.

It is impossible to make a significant amount of money writing until you’ve put some effort into your craft.

Technically, you can earn some money on sites like Fiver however, the effort is so boring that it could be the reason for you abandoning. Sure, you can earn 20 dollars for creating an essay, however that’s not much compared to the thousands you could earn by becoming a professional.

A great way to think is to take a year off and write it off at the very least the first year. Begin by writing on your own, as it will let you know how much you like doing it. If you don’t feel the joy from writing, you’ll probably quit. Post Guest Articles for Free

Be careful not to overdo it.

At the moment, I write every single day, but I deliberately don’t. Beginning out can make you feel extremely exuberant to the point that you go overboard. Doing too much can leave you feeling like you’ve exhausted all ideas.

This is what I learned over the course of five years to comprehend:

  • The most effective writing ideas come from living your life and being outdoors
  • Writing time is where the motivation to write comes from.
  • Working every day provides you with perspectives that you can write about

If you only keep yourself inside your home office and write each day, the great shit that people would like to read about your experiences and perspective on the world will remain kept from view.

Make use of a platform that someone else has created.

I have said that you should not begin with your own site with a good reason.

A website with your own will make you snooze about choosing templates for your website and interacting with web developers and hosting providers and tinkering with column widths, and a range of other BS that won’t earn you an extra $11,000 per month after.

Start by using a platform that someone else has created.

I began with my friend who is from Australia’s Western’s WordPress blog. He took care of all the SEO stuff, marketing, and traffic monitoring so that I could write.

Another option is to use a social media platform. Medium is a good choice however, people often overlook the less obvious options:

  • LinkedIn posts
  • Long-form copy is available on Instagram alongside an image
  • Twitter. Short tweets on Twitter
  • This is truly insane: you could write an article in long-form as an answer to someone’s blog with a large readership (someone similar to Gary Vaynerchuk)

This last part is off-the-wall, but I’ve witnessed people doing it. Be creative, as there are a myriad of ways to practice your writing skills.

The aim is to find an area where you can write in peace and not be distracted, and also say something meaningful, inspirational or enjoyable consistently.

In this way you will discover the things that work and what doesn’t. If you’re lucky you’ll be able to get a tiny audience.

Spend a Stupid Amount of Time Writing in the Beginning

A lot of my time prior to the beginning was spent on podcasts and advertising my work to a crowd I didn’t have.

Whatever your starting point it is important to discover your own niche as well as your voice and your own unique method of connecting sentences.

It is impossible to replace doing the writing itself. If I could travel back in time , like Marty McFly did in Back To The Future and change one thing that would be to not be distracted by nonsense and simply write.

The reason we don’t do writing is that it’s the most difficult part. Writing, however it is what brought me $11,000 in just 30 days, not anything other than that.

Format Your Work Like a Pro

My first pieces were massive texts. Even if you could observe a bee’s dick from 100m away, you’d not be able to tell the point at which a sentence started and ended.

Include plenty spaces between sentences. Make sure you use high-quality images. Take time to locate the perfect image to go to your text Remember, the image you select is as powerful a statement as the words themselves.

If I could go back to where I started, I would have made use of larger, brighter, and more scroll-stopping images. I would have also removed my safety gear and put more bold, images in between the text and tools to make things more interesting.

The most important thing to remember with these tools is the balance. It is possible to overdo it using these tools, which is twice as harmful as using them in the first place.

If you need help formatting, or feel lazy, take a look at the work of professionals.

Making MONEY

After you’ve earned the right to earn money from writing, the methods to make it happen are simple. However, they are often kept from view by those who prefer to make money from you to show you how they can make money from their writing.

Here’s how to earn money from writing:

A column that is paid for

If you write long enough, your writing will be noticed. Big publications pay writers to write exclusive pieces on their websites.

Some pay per month , while some pay by article. As of now, I’ve only received a payment per article however, I have spoken to some writers who are paid monthly (retainer) for writing.

Money via Medium

Medium offers a partnership program that allows them to accept any payment, regardless of experiences, based on their participation in their post.

It could be just only a few dollars at initial stages, however the most important is even if you only earn 10 dollars a month from Medium will make you a paid writer, and the shift in your mindset it brings to you is extremely effective.


This one’s secret and not something you can search for. It’s the secret hidden art in the writer”world” that big writers don’t wish to share with you.

Every CEO, entrepreneur and leaders typically have someone who does writing for them. If you’re willing to write but not acknowledged for it in exchange for a ridiculous amount of money, then this is a way that an experienced writer could earn some quick, regular money.

Opportunities will be presented to you directly , and you could also look for them by sending messages directly on social media platforms like LinkedIn as well as Instagram to those who post frequently. Do not bombard them with sales pitches , instead focus on providing them with a link to your work and a clear “I can do this for you.”


Writing is among the most difficult tasks for companies. Everyone has to do it, and many of them lack the time or ability to write.

With little effort, If you write in the place where people are looking, then companies will approach you for assistance. You can help them by helping them locate writers, laying out the content and encouraging them to continue.

If I receive these invitations directly, I do to be polite. For example, I would say “I have a couple of key articles (provide hyperlinks) on how I do it, and I also offer part-time consulting for people who require something more. Which option is right to you?”

It’s polite, soft and non-egotistical, and most of all, it’s helpful. You can copy and paste this message above if you’re confused and aren’t sure how to convert inquiries into consultation.

One-to-one coaching

Writing can give you an identity and can assist you in becoming an educator. There are some who love learning from the words you write free , and that’s acceptable.

Others want to go further and don’t seek your advice. They need you to make them accountable, which is a different method of saying they would like you to coach them.

Anyone can coach, and writing is a method to be a coach and earn a salary for it. My first few clients were not charged anything to allow me to gain the experience and learn how to structure my work. Post Jobs in Germany

My coaching structure turned out to look like this:

  • A complimentary consultation prior to the appointment to make sure I was the right fit with the client and that they were a good fit for me.
  • Coaching for ten weeks is are paid in advance via PayPal
  • A specific subject to be covered every week
  • Two or three homework assignments each week for the client
  • An assessment of the final stage at the 10 weeks’ end.
  • A soft promise to stay after ten weeks , if it was logical (sometimes it did not)

Participating in events for a cost

If you find your voice, people would like you to take the extra mile and assist their teams — whether they are sports groups, teams of leaders, non-profit groups, business teams by sharing your expertise and expertise.

The cost is very different and it all is based on how skilled you negotiate. I’m going to be totally honest and state that I’ve been offered anything from $5000-$10,000 for up to 60 minutes of talking.

A friend of mine gets between $20,000 and $40,000. for an hour of talk, which includes business class flights and 5-star accommodations. Another guy I know who is beginning his career and receives $500 per talk.

The cost range is limitless however it’s a different method to earn money from writing.

An online course

I tried to launch one last month , and it failed. I even wrote about the experience, because it was entirely my responsibility. In spite of that, you could still earn money by helping novices in your area of expertise.

I developed a course couple of years ago that performed quite well, and it often boils down to the quality of the subject you’re teaching.

As with the majority of tips in this article, do not overdo it, okay?

YouTube ads

Many writers are also vloggers as a way of expressing their thoughts. If you’re looking to become truly creative, you could include your own videos into your writing as an additional way to communicate with your readers.

YouTube is a lengthy game and having a deep and narrow field tends to perform best. If you are able to produce many videos that are between 5 and 10 minutes each week, over the course of a year or so, you could earn money through advertisements.

My pledge at the beginning of this piece was not to promote the idea too much So I’d like to add one more thing: YouTube is one of the most difficult games to play considering the length of time it has been in existence for. It isn’t easy to get views and you need to commit to it or else stick to the writing.

Well-Paid Writers Have Lots of the Following

The last piece of advice is to not forget the soft abilities.

  • Honesty
  • Humility
  • Kindness

They are abilities that can take you from making $1000 per month, which is a decent amount and up to $11,000. Nobody wants to look at the work of a writer who’s obsessed with themselves and believes that their work isn’t bad.

Take yourself in all its splendor.

That’s How to Make $11,000 in 30 Days

All that’s left is to consider whether you’d like to do exactly the same thing, because you absolutely can.

If a thin guy from Australia without a spelling or grammar skills could earn $11,000 in just 30 days, then you too can.

Be helpful and have fun more than you will earn.